Accidentally Vacationing in Kona

Hawaii has not turned out to be the job mecca we were expecting.  I knew that Hilo was a depressed area because it had depended on the plantations.  Kona, though, is in a building boom and we’d heard that we could find jobs wielding a shovel that would pay $20/hour.  Well…

There are some jobs somewhat like that.  They’re not very easy to get a hold of, though, if you don’t know anyone.  It’s a little bit Mafia around here – families run things, and large families run large things.  Being new in the islands, we don’t even have friend of the family status with anyone.  We finally went to Altres Staffing – a temp agency – and we’re hoping that they’ll help us get our foot in the door.  James got called by the agency about an hour after we got home from filling out the paperwork.  They were asking if he was interested in a job with Koyo Corp – a deep sea water bottling company.  He said yes and they sent his resume.  Now will Koyo look at it?!?

Anyway, I’m interviewing for a job with the newspaper, selling classified ads.  Hey – I’ve done it before and I could certainly do it again.  We’ll see whether or not I’m ohana enough for them.



  1. It just came to me I saw you guys In oakland when you were keeping watch over the Fleet there!! I remeber thinking cool boat with the pliot cabin!
    I was there one Sat a.m. taking an ASA sailing class and you two were just getting up an about!
    Now I’m suppose to be teaching there this spring. Life’s a trip!

  2. Hey – that’s great! Sailing for a living sounds like heaven – but then there are the students…

    There are occasional openings for a deckhand on the fishing and whale watching boats. That sounds pretty good to me, but I’m sure it pays super-low.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! and for the compliment on our boat!

  3. Yeah true. I teach Kung Fu, so I am familar with the types of students that come & go. I will only be teaching P/T for the City during sailing season.

    THe Deckhand stuff will most likly be low pay, but low pay is more than no pay so you can eat !!

    Hang in there.

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