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So I was bitching about not having a job…now I’ll bitch about not having my own internet access.  And the silly thing is – here I am, on the internet at home for the first time in years.  But it’s pirated wi-fi and I would feel bad if I absorbed all their bandwidth.    I’m just going to have to give in and admit that I haven’t felt like working on this site.

I need some education.  Where should I go to get internet courses that’ll help me work on the back end of wordpress?  Hmm…

Once I do, the links above will work, and all our pages will be on this site rather than edited in Dreamweaver.  I certainly have a simple internet connection more often than the upload-kind I need for Dreamweaver.  Well, that’s why we picked this program…about a year ago…



  1. Hey you guys, whereyahat? Went thru chinatown today and naturally, thought of Babes and you. Thank god you’re googlable. Here you are out and about adventuring with the wind, and Im chained down with now two children (but of course, charming, gorgeous, and scorchingly intelligent), a fab job writing sas for kaiser and looking to settle on a house in a month. Pirating wifi on my way past hawaii sounds like a lot more fun. Best wishes, keep us posted and keep moving for my sake. Loads o love, Janet and Dirk. And Eleanor and Elyse.

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