My Life’s down to this… Again!

Contents as follows; Extreme left down et-cet… Writing material, analog. Batteries, lock. To the right of those things are two sailing knives and to the right of those is our digital sampler. Moving Up: Stomach med’s of all kinds (I shake my head when I say that, I wish I didn’t have to take that crap, but , I do). Wind direction and speed indicator, (left of that is a) GPS (and under that is a), Snake-bite kit. More batteries and some Emergency, (that’s good stuff to have anywhere I think…) Above that stuff is my grandfather Long’s utility knife with spoon and fork, (I love that old knife). To the right of that we have our Ipod and a very handy (trade able) CD player with it’s own electric cable. Ear plugs, a flashlight and my Leatherman “Wave”, of course. Not seen is a fully stocked 1st Aid kit, a good one. My shaving kit is spartan but functional, my camera. And on top of everything is my winter kit (in the green bag) that has a foul-weather coat and pants, great insulated underwear, hat, gloves et-cet and et-cet… My sandles and my Mephisto’s. Dumb western clothes that will be traded for what I can get for them… Computer. Most of the (above) little stuff will be on my body in my vest (pictured). The rest (pictured) will be in my back-pack (also pictured)… I’m sure this (above list of junk) will be cut in half by the time We’re in Chandigarh but for now I think it’s enough.

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