CSS – Angel or Devil

And who cares?

Well, I do.  I have a one-eyed monkey’s grasp of HTML and now I’m doing the bash-it-and-see-if-it-works version of messing with CSS.  I like wordpress, and I like themes.  Editing them is a little more than I’m used to doing.

And now I’m trying to learn it three days before leaving for India.

And of course I want my site to be perfect.  I’ve given this address to more people in the last week than I did for a year before that.  I am very proud of it right now.  I’ve learned a lot already and I’m making it what I want it to be.

But why won’t that inline mp3 player work?  And why do my body elements creep up into my header?

And why am I giving myself a headache over that when I’m going halfway around the world in order to learn real lessons.  Important lessons.

Maybe there’s a little geek in me after all.  And maybe it’s a pride thing.

But maybe, just maybe, I want to live up to my own (and James’) ideal of the woman who can do anything if she puts her mind to it.  I really like that image.

Well, if you click on Music by Dura Mater and a lovely little inline mp3 player starts streaming our music to you…great!  If not, sorry.  Download it and listen the old fashioned way!


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