Hey, Wha-Hopp’n

…To that guy that was traveling in India with the rock star of this site?

Last we heard from him he was bitching about some shit on a train…

Well, in less then a month I’ve traveled from one side of the Indian Sub-Continent to the other!

I’ve been from Amritsar to Trivandrum…

…From The Ganga to the Arabian Sea…

…From the desert to the rain forest…

…From the Monsoon to the drought…

…And I’ve only been here for 5 and 1/2 weeks!

I love this place more then I ever thought I could. The smiles are easy, the judgment is slow, the price is right and the travel is more inspiring then I can keep up with with my feeble grasp of this stupid language!

Wow, India!!!


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  1. “Smiles are easy and judgement slow” I would like that. Someone once explained to me the concept of Time and Place, moments preserved frozen. To live in that time, to love in that place, it’s surreal.

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