…Ok, So I’m not an art dealer!

Once again I gave it my all and once again I could not make it happen with the tools at hand. And really that’s all’s to be said about my Virginia art debacle! …When ever I come back to the docks to clear my head of a bad art-exsperience I get paid back ten fold in return! Spending a few days on S/V Itinerant’s main saloon put my head in the right place to interview with what seems to be a very cool company that says their “about” customer service… I remember Dan Milman saying something like, (in “Way of the Peaceful Worior”), there is nothing more gratifying to a human then the service to ones own species, perhaps he’s right. I am the new “Sailing instructor” for the “Carefree Boat Club” in the Salt Ponds Marina and Resort in Hampton Virginia. (Ok so, it’s still a little weird to say Virginia as opposed to Trivandrum, Kerala, India…) …I like being on the docks, I like the people, the dogs, the million dollar view, it works for me. I mean really, getting paid to sail and take pictures of it is about as successful as it gets for me. So, once again, Dena and I sail into a port and score some great stories and some spectacular images to pass on, here’s the best part, it’s all so… Itinerant!

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