Even sending an email is exciting

Hey! I’m all excited because I just emailed a Baltimore shop called Sugar.  They’re a feminist sex toy shop with a loverly mission and a very familiar, highly missed sensibility. I just can’t believe how long it’s been since I was regularly in a sex positive space.  From Babeland, I went to Hawaii, where the topic is strangely taboo.  Not judgmental of het stuff, just silent.  Now homos…not so silent.  After that, it was a brief stint in the Bay Area, which was good, then off to Moses Lake.  I was so invisible there!  Everyone looked at me and my male lover and assumed they knew all about me.  It was fun to come out of the closet sometimes, with some people, but it wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t pass as straight/vanilla most of the time. The town is 40% Mormon and highly judgmental.  Almost made me change my style to make more of a statement, but I didn’t want to give into that either! And India.  Well, I have to say that it’s impossible for me to be invisible in India.  But I still missed the charge in the air, the fun and games of being in an open, sex positive community. In my email, I asked whether or not they had any work for me.  Full or part time.  I have skills, after all.  I’d need to catch up on the latest and greatest, but I should be able to handle that… And just the idea of doing sick/vacation coverage is pretty exciting to me.  If I work full time somewhere else and do fill-in work there, I’ll still have time in that environment that I prized so much.  And it’s a young, energetic company – my favorite!  (I don’t know the ages of people working there[…]

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