The Adventure Continues…


Rig for sailing, start the Yanmar 3GM, throw off the moorings, S/V Sovereign Nation is sailing away, AGAIN

…Not off into the Sunrise, but rather, for another sunrise altogether, one “Down North” as they say in these latitudes.

For months now we’ve been vacillating on whether we should move over to the Salt Ponds Marina to call that little spot on the chart home for a spell (Lat, 37 03′ 16. 35″ Lon, 76 17′ 11. 68″).

You see, I work there and it really is only about 25 minutes North of the Rebel Marina by infernalcumbustionvehicle, BUT, I work there! Meaning, I don’t really want to be at work all the time and the Rebel Marina really is about the best marina experience that either one of us has ever lived through, besides the woman that runs the Salt Ponds marina is a real nut case. BUT, there is a marina just across the “Pond”, so to speak, I mean literally, called South Haul Landings (Lat 37 03′ 30. 95″ Lon 76 17′ 07. 00″) that has been calling us like a Siren as of late.

It all started with a long hot summer ending with a left hook to the jaw…

I am the Dock Master/Sailing instructor for the Care Free Boat Club at the Salt Ponds Marina location in Hampton, VA. and I have been since April of this year (2009) and over the past 6 months I have gone through Asst. Dock Masters like it wasn’t a great job or something!!! I mean really, all you have to do is make five beautiful boats look new every day, that’s not so hard… If you know how to go about doing that. The first guy I hired (Dude #1) really did know how to do “the job” he just didn’t do it when I wasn’t around and then left me hanging on the fourth of July weekend with a no-call-no-show… Dude#1 Is so Fired!!!

The next loser I hired (ur, Dude#2) had us all fooled, and here’s where the left hook comes in… He was an ex-Marine, right? I mean just out of Afghanistan and he took a bullet in the knee and one in the shoulder for “his country” (or whatever), and wanted to have to a job where he “wasn’t getting shot at or yelled at all the time”! Well that’s all fine and good but once again, just like the other dumb shit from earlier in the summer, he didn’t do his job while I wasn’t around on top of that fact, he wrecked one of my boats last Sunday and then went AWOL, AND STILL to this day, hasn’t even call or come by! Semper Fi Dude#2! Well… That Dude’s new name is also !!!FIRED!!!

…After the soreness from getting sucker punched by Dude#2 wore off I realized that the only person that I could really rely on to do this very laid-back (self motivated) job was the only person in the world that I could trust with my life to! My partner and lover/co-author of these pages, Dena M. Hankins, the sailor.

…And it just so happened that Ms. Hankins was being treated like shit by her current wage slave-driver the day I came to the aforementioned conclussion! Ah, serendipity!

After much ado… (ug, a boring blog post in itself)

!!!I hired Dena!!!

So, we’re moving to South Haul Landings from the Rebel Marina at the top of November and Dena and I will spend the winter rowing to work and, um, living CARE FREE!!!



  1. Rock on!

    I’m excited to be moving on…guess I’d better turn in that letter of resignation, just in case anyone from work is reading this, eh?

    James and I will have it under control with a side of just fine. Working on the water, being around boats, sharpening my skills…yep, I’m stoked.

  2. Dude that is a very comical story. As you know I’ve experienced the same type of dilemmas with people that I’ve hired.. Not you I mean others!!! But, the shit you have to go through to accommodate these people so they will be happy, do good work and wont steel your fucking teeth. After my fifteen or more “Trainees” I gave up. I’d rather do the work myself than have to keep checking on them. Then having to write evaluation reports on how fucking stupid they were. So, back to your story… I have to chuckle because I totally understand the feeling of working with ones better half. You know where you stand and can count on good workmanship,regardless of the end result. Congratulations on your hunt for a person you can count on. She was right under your nose the whole time..Plus no more DUDES # ?
    As Always, Love and Aloha to you both Peace out

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