The images you see above…

…Are a hand picked batch of very special photographs from our travels over the past decade or so. I think these pictures are as close to the emotional center of our adventures as we can show you, or rather, these are the quintessential moments. All of the images across the top of the screen are presented in a very strange and challenging medium, one that is cropped at an extreme horizontal (1200 X 270 mp) and exhibited randomly. As of today there are 57 such images, so, if you want to see them all, click the “home” icon (above right-very top) and that will reload this page and present another photo… Give it a try, It’s just another venue for the exhibition of our art, but one we really love and enjoy!



  1. Howzit? I just wanted to drop a line and say Aloha. I have always been checking your pix”of the adventure”. My top pick would be Dena riding the Enfield. Next is you with a huge egg on your head. Not to be cruel, just knowing the storys behind these photos, make them outstanding. I know there are far better ones in this site,thats what makes you guy’s great. Live the adventure

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