New Tattoo

I got a new tattoo!  I went to Dragon Moon, to Mick Beasley.  It was a lovely experience – she has a great dynamic for talking while I’m coping well and letting me be silent when the pain cycles back.  Ah, the complicated chemicals of pain!  You can see her skill as an artist.  This piece took about 2 1/2 hours of tattooing, but I was at the shop for 3 1/2.  The image I sent her was smaller than I wanted the tattoo to be, so she had to do some re-drawing before making the final transfer. The coffee cherries have hereby been applied to my skin. I’ll drizzle the rest in as I can save the money up – I steal it from my food budget and then refrain from eating out without James. Frying last night’s leftover rice is super cheap compared to restaurant eating. So, here it is: And here’s a close-up that really shows the differences between Gypsy Jill’s work and Mick’s.  Jill used heavy machines with a heavy hand.  Her lines are all much thicker and there’s almost always some scarring.  Mick works with a much lighter style and the tattoo shows that very clearly.  She did bruise me badly – the bits that look like the black is blurred, along the right side of the tattoo – that’s actually a healing bruise.  That part was more tender than the scabbing and peeling. Mick was concerned that I would want her to match Jill’s style, but I wanted a different signature on this piece.  And I got it! Isn’t it great?

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