With? Against? How do we decide whom to bomb?

Here’s some analysis of the situation in Yemen. It’s fascinating to me – in a queasy “I’m tied to this” kind of way – how the US government decides when to focus on human right violations.


How long it would take the world to gain some sort of balance if the US went completely insular.  Closed the economic borders, neither importing nor exporting.  I can’t help but feel that some of the biggest evils of the last hundred years have been the meddling of the US and the northern hemisphere’s sucking of resources from the south.

We must become denizens of a global neighborhood, but our history shows how easy it is to create ghettos, enforce the “other side of the tracks” value-assignments on people, segregate, and accrue value for one’s “own” people.  How will we bring together the world without assigning entire portions of it as dumps?

Anytime I read of a tangle of influences, agendas, and broken promises of this scale, I slump farther into a deep distrust, a cynical lack of hope, and fear that we in the US won’t be impervious for long.


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