Tongue and Groove

The repaired bulkhead is now clad in 1×3 tongue and groove oak boards.  There are some trim issues to be sussed out, and the fasteners need to be bunged, but it’s as solid as it gets.  Here’s the story. We bought two bundles of oak, which seemed likely (but not guaranteed) to be enough.  We won’t be able to do all the surfaces we’d planned with the wood we have, but we’ll give it a go.  I broke the bundles and rebundled them so I could carry the wood from the truck to the boat.  That shit is heavy! My first job was to mock up the boards, trying to avoid putting board-ends near one another.  I taped across where my rows of fasteners would go, to give me a good visual. Another factor was allowing access to the mast compression system’s fasteners.  I had to make sure that they would be covered, but not by more than one board.  This was a good try, but partially covered a fastener. I changed things up a bit as I went, but mostly followed the plan.  When I took these boards down, I numbered them and arranged them on the cabin sole. I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better, so you get to see both. Then I started putting the boards up.  At first, I tried to gauge the proper angle using my smart phone’s spirit level.  That was a massive failure, as I was doing this during peak water-traffic time.  Every time I tried to figure out whether or not something was exactly vertical, another wake would toss the boat around.  I cut three pieces (incorrectly) before I gave up in frustration. That meant I needed to work from my one and only guide line – the hatchway.  Working with[…]

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