…Ok so, Dena went to the Big Sky Place (Montana), about the time our new Simrad NSS 7 multifunction display (MFD) with 3-G broadband radar showed up… That thing is fucking cool! Without going into too much technical nomenclature I’d just like to say, I think this box makes the Garmin 740s look like a Fisher-Price toy. The way it’s built just demands a certain level of respect and it is so easy to read and comprehend, out-of-the-frack’n-box, that an end user such as myself can flush-mount it in 45 minutes and program it for cruising in seconds after that. It’s a GPS chart plotting system, meaning it will follow our position using the built in GPS receiver and apply that position to a pre-loaded chart of the near coastal United States and Canada. It is also a display for a 3-G Broadband Radar… Don’t get me started on that, just read this (dead link). Now that, that was work! Dena got off the plane from Montana and went up the mast on the first day to install the radar mount (pictured) and the radome. We hauled the dome up in a sail-bag and she unwrapped it right there on the mount, like this. …In the bag, but not attached to the boat in any way. …And bolted down. After that we ran all the cable through the boat and wired it up to the MFD down below. Then it was my turn. I drilled all the holes and riveted the cable ties to the mast and we turned it on… In less than a second it swept the entire Baltimore inner harbor and gave us a perfect image of all the on-the-water vessel traffic in the downtown basin. It really does work that well!

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