Ho-Hum, then Blammo!

We started the morning off perfectly with percolated coffee in the Bohemia River.  Got the last blog post written and stowed everything.  In the last blog post, I forgot to say that I went swimming the night before – fresh water baths are rare and precious. Hauled the anchor, laying the line out so that I could clean it before sending it into the anchor locker.  It was pretty muddy, so I felt good about that. We motored out of the Bohemia River and up the Elk River to the C&D Canal.  There was very little traffic because of the weather system that was blowing in.  The one we were to wish we had avoided.  Some great bridges, though. We did get to see a great big Japanese cargo ship, passing port to port in the very tight quarters. Several fishing boats sent their wakes at us as they passed, all going the same direction – Chesapeake to Delaware. We made the Delaware Bay by 1pm and talked about our options.  We could duck in between the peninsula and Reedy Island.  It wouldn’t protect us from wind at all and the chop was coming from the south, so we wouldn’t get much protection there.  People said it was good holding, but that sounded rather nerve wracking.  Besides, it was only 1:30! The other option was the Cohansey River on the northeast shore of the Delaware Bay, right before the bay opens up.  A tricky entrance and a winding river, but plenty of depth inside and good holding.  Since it was winding, we hoped to find shelter from the wind.  We were sure there would be shelter from the chop. We were motoring at 6+ knots and it looked like, “at this pace,” we could make the Cohansey in only an […]

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