Brooklyn’s a Bust

We left Sandy Point before 8am, heading for the big city.  The trip was exciting, partly because it was uneventful.  Here’s a major moment of glee: I really like the little lighthouses that lead from the Atlantic into NY Harbor.  That’s the Ambrose Channel West Bank Range Front Light.  Whew. We had a fine time motoring into the East River.  Fretting at the cost of diesel only took a little shine off the morning, since there was no changing the fact that we were on a schedule and the wind was on the nose. We played “Spot the Landmark”  – oh, I know this one! This schooner, before the Jersey shore, was making great time. And, of course, the Big Apple. I always think “assault and” when I see, hear or say the Battery. The Brooklyn Bridge is particularly effective in the kind of ominous cloud atmosphere we had today. And a nod to our lovely Baltimore friends.  The Baltimore Domino plant is less of an industrial eyesore than this one.  Mmhmm. And this is where the story gets good. We motored up the East River and turned starboard into Newtown Creek.  The creek separates Brooklyn from Long Island City and provides raw sewage dumping in case of heavy rains, scrap metal barge storage, and the foulest smelling water this side of Fells Point. As we traversed the murky waters, James began to wonder whether or not we would fit under the bridge we were approaching.  I had read that we could.  Shrug.  And James agreed.  But…Damn, that bridge was really short! Our mast is about 36′ tall and we have a 3′ antenna on top.  The bridge height at max high tide is 36′ according to the charts, with an additional 4′ in the middle of the span because[…]

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