Aground at the Dock in Lincoln Harbor

We’ve already said we think this marina, Lincoln Harbor,  is the worst built thing ever, but now we know it is also being run by thoughtless people. We came around from Brooklyn, as so vividly described here.  When we asked ourselves why the docks were jumping in place and wondered about the scream of tortured steel, we hadn’t yet felt the strange shudder that happened occasionally on a wave trough.  Didn’t figure out what that was until this morning. Here’s a taste of a medium-bad wake. Main pier, finger pier, and boat – all moving independent of one another. The place works on 3 shifts.  The dockmaster, Janier, works days and two guys split the time between 4pm and 8am.  I called before we left Brooklyn and spoke with an office manager who told me candidly that it was her first week on the job (remember, this was Wednesday).  I was careful to tell her that we are a sailboat and that our draft is 4’9″.  Power boats are concerned with telling marinas their beam – how wide they are – but sailors have keels that go deeper than most any power boat. She wasn’t confident enough to assign us a slip or give us directions into the marina.  We got ourselves over just fine and called the dock hand on the VHF, channel 74. Every time James hailed the guy, he said, “…this is the sailing vessel Nomad…” because that’s what one is supposed to do.  Somehow this didn’t soak in and it seems he didn’t get the note from the office manager that we were sailors.  James even told him our draft! He assigned us slip B-15, but when he saw us, changed his mind and put us in B-33.  Meaning he hadn’t thought this through at all. […]

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