Ready to Splash

We’re drinking coffee, relaxed but excited that we’ll be underway again soon.  This haulout has gone pretty damn well, considering we went into it without planning ahead. The insurance adjuster showed up the day after we were hauled.  His visit was an all-day event.  We showed him the damage, told him what we wanted.  He hemmed and hawed and said there was no way they’d pay to paint the entire boat.  The adjuster went back to his running car to start writing things up.  In the heat, we fumed that there was no work being done while we waited around for him to come back and talk to us again. That’s when we brought over the manager of the yard and the master painter.  We all debated for a very long time.  First he tried to say it could be spot painted.  The hull isn’t uniform enough for the painter to find a good feathering place for blending the new and old.  Then he said it could be gel coated and washed and waxed. I told him that the painter was not wrong about the hull being non-uniform, but that I’m also not wrong that it would look silly as shit to have a patch of perfect new paint in the middle of the boat. This guy is a car and motorcycle person.  He doesn’t really know what boats require.  He just knows it sounds like more money than he is supposed to approve on his own.  Just when it was about to get really upsetting, the adjuster retreated again to his running car. He must have deliberated with his bosses.  An hour later, he came to the side of the boat and I clambered down the rickety ladder.  He held out a sheaf of paper an inch thick.  On[…]

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