The last post ended with an epic walk for groceries and suchlike.  It was about 5 miles, not counting the up-and-down-the-aisles part. Then we wanted to go to the USS Nautilus museum – it’s all about submarines and the first nuclear sub is on display there.  Google maps gave me the helpful information that there was no public transit between New London and Groton.  I mapped it as a walking route…4.7 miles each way. And then we walked. The best part about walking through strange towns (or even strange parts of familiar towns) is finding the unexpected.  This qualifies: John Winthrop the Younger was the son of the founding governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and was himself a governor of Connecticut.  He build the mill above in 1650.  Pretty neat, eh?  Note the freeway bridge in the background. The mill is actually situated right in the middle of three such bridges arranged in a major convergence leading to the bridge over the Thames River. Can you imagine the battle to save that mill? When we showed up, a cop was hassling a very tidy homeless guy.  He had a pack and a gallon bottle of water on the picnic table and it looked like he had camped the night before.  This was before 9am, so the guy was trying to be subtle, I guess, packing up before most people would be around.  I wonder who bothered to call the cops on him.  He wasn’t hurting anyone or anything. Anyway, we used the long, tall I-95 bridge across the Thames River and then the narrow road along the river to the museum. What we saw: missiles, officers’ histories, sonar and radar histories. What we didn’t see: the people and systems that make submarines possible. I (James) grew up in Austin,[…]

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