The Maine Event

We started our day in Plymouth very early to catch the tide and come up with the wind.  That we did. Waving at Boston as we slipped north, we eased into the island complex around Marblehead and into Beverly, MA. A small, 3 generation marina, the Beverly Port Marina, became our temporary home.  In the evening, the 91 year old grandfather, Jim, was chopping wood out front of the chandlery.  For real.  Adequate facilities gave us the crucial opportunity to SHOWER.  This was a very big deal being as though we hadn’t showered in a week.  Swimming in salt water takes care of the muck, but leaves behind a salty residue.  It’s not entirely unpleasant and we didn’t smell bad (at least to each other), but it doesn’t get rid of oils in hair, creating lanky protodreds on Dena and a ratty beard on James. I (James) pulled out all the cleaning supplies and went to work on de-salting the boat.  This was a project that I very much got into.  On my hands and knees, I scrubbed with a hand-brush from stem to stern for 2 1/2 hours in the 90 degree Beverly heat.  In the end, the boat was Bristol and the water tanks were full and ready for the next leg in our adventure. I (Dena) pulled entertainment off the internet and charted out/planned out the next phase of our travels.  We had debated heading straight to Portland and I planned out a few options – hit or miss New Hampshire was the question.  We’d heard from some friends living there that the coast was rugged and the entrance bars have to be timed absolutely perfectly – also that they’re not really worth it. Dinner at the Anchor Restaurant consisted of real New England clam chowder (in[…]

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