…Can you believe this shit? (!)

Adventure is all about the interpretation… We’ve been at sea for 13 years. We’ve seen 40 foot seas in the north Pacific Ocean; we’ve seen 20 sunsets in a row without land; we’ve seen a dozen squalls blow over New Jersey, one after another! We’ve also spent time in an apartment writing music in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. We’ve written books in a house in Kallatumukku, Kerala. And now, I (James) have seen an old pianist slip and fall in a laundry room in Groton, CT.  And it made me weep like a baby. And now, I (Dena) have seen an upright, lithe woman with early Alzheimer’s look for a phone so that she could call her daughter and get a hotel room.  Because she needed a place to stay the night, though she lives right upstairs.  And I showed her that she had a key on her wrist and helped her find her apartment. In Denver, we were in the last and smallest class for the type of training we did.  There were six of us, three couples, who were hired and flown right out to sales training.  In the future, couples will spend a week in a community first.  Those couples will know the emotional aspects and the time requirements and the pressures far better than we did as we made our way down to a hotel meeting room, day after day for two weeks. On the side, of course, we maintained our lifestyle by hooking up with an old friend and a family known as the Bozos. The training focused on sales and didn’t even try to touch operations.  We role-played and drank coffee and iced tea and took notes and struggled to stay awake while we learned how to sell an invisible product to the aging populace and[…]

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