A new day

I woke up last Monday and discovered that we were almost done with our Rocket Hub campaign and we were less than 1% through our goal. Not only did it bum me out but it made me think long and hard about where we had failed or if in fact we actually had failed. The idea is as follows: This past July as we were making our way up the East coast of the United States under sail we noticed a tiny page posted by NOAA that had some truly alarming information on it. Simply put it said that our Earth was sinking. Of course we’ve all heard the gloom-n-doom sci-sayers of the past tell us that our planet was undergoing a radical climate change and for the first time in Earths history that change was being caused by one of its own species, us. From what I understand the Earth is constantly undergoing change in its (her? nah, not here…) environment and through the eons that change has been slow and deliberate according to the needs of the planets bio-regions. In other words the Earth knows what it needs and changes itself through the redistribution of natural resources according to its own bio-regional imperative. It’s a closed system that is continuously recycling itself. That all makes sense to me so I chose to believe it. Well, about 15,000 years ago along comes a hyper-lobed ape with opposable thumbs that is truly full of itself. This creature ignorantly decides within the last two centuries to make massive, lop-sided, redistribution choices in the bio-regions of its host planet without truly understanding the ramifications of such changes. And what do you know ,the planet changes back, only this time it has to change at an accelerated rate that is even more dramatic[…]

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