Big week

So this time we had to rent a van! When last we reported the starboard-side demo was done, the bulkhead was overbuilt, the bike was stolen and the boat was leaning hard to port… Ok we didn’t report the listing to port part but you have to know that when you remove all the cabinetry from one side of a boat but not the other without balancing it out with some kind of opposing ballast you get a list, a serious list and it looks very sad. So sad in fact that I’m not even going to show you a picture of it… Anyway, we’ll get that taken care of soon enough but for now we had to fill a van with some very cool boat stuff. All week long we couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful this boat would sail with a Monitor Windvane self-steering system, hell, Dena even dreamed about it! If you remember we found a practically new Monitor in the consignment chandlery in Rhode Island a few weeks ago. Well, we had to go back and pick that thing up. That ingenues machine retails for almost $5g’s and the one we found in RI was only $1,800. bucks so at that price we couldn’t pass this one up.  We also had to pick up our new 12volt refrigerator at the Mystic consignment chandlery, a couple of sheets of 4×8 PVC “plywood” and some other odds-n-ends for putting the boat back together. We went back to the consignment shop in Rhode Island and some how talked the owner of the shop into selling us the Monitor for only $1600. bucks! We were stoked. The next day we went to the consignment shop in Mystic and managed to talk them down to $240. bucks on the refrigerator (originally[…]

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