The cold rebuild

As it’s prone to do here in the New England, Atlantic North East we got dumped on with 4 inches of snow in 5 hours, followed by 3 days of hard-freeze creating the ultimate conditions for bike riding! As much as we love riding our bikes in the rain and dodging cars, riding 5 miles through the state park on the (not-quite) virgin frozen hard-pack was a blast for sure. I’m not just bragging here, we really do love to do this kind of thing! On the ride to the boat it had warmed up quite a bit so the snow in the back country was pretty hard on Dena’s balance being as though she’s got these skinny little street tires on the borrowed bike she’s been riding lately. Neither one of us fell, it was just slow going is all. Oh yeah… The night before we rode out to the boat we had to barrow a car to come out and get the rest of the big pieces to the Aries windvane steering system that we took off the boat last week. While Dena took the stuff back to the community and took care of a bunch of other “car” duties, I stayed behind on the boat and hooked up the new  12 volt refrigerator for testing. I temporarily set it up in our “New Hole”, the place where the Pilots Birth will be, hooked up the power that had been for the old fridge and the new refrigerator kicked right on. It’s quite, has a functional thermostat and only uses 2.5 amps while the pump is on, in other words, it works perfectly. I left it on for the 2 and a half hours that Dena was gone and it cycled through enough times to keep it’s self[…]

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