Putting the Cart in its Proper Position

Another wild week of working at an independent living senior retirement community.  For therapy, we go downstairs to the woodshop and prepare pieces of Azek for their new homes. Last week, after we did all of the construction we wanted to do, we took a careful set of measurements.  We measured from the front of the cabinet to the hull every 5 cm.  Back at the community, we transferred those distances to a piece of Azek, then connected the dots to make a rough image of the hull. With that done, the cuts were pretty straightforward.  Well, completely strange and curved, but not a problem. Azek, a petroleum complex Poly Vinyl Chloride material that can be molded into almost any shape known to man, is perfect for modern boat construction because it sands easily, epoxy and fiberglass adhere to it, it cuts like butter with a jig saw and, best of all, it never rots. See those serious looks on our faces?  If you look serious enough, it’s okay not to wear eye protection.  Wards off the little pieces that fly around at high speeds. Anyway. We also received a lovely new tool in the mail.  It’s a cart that attaches to the spindle for the back wheel of a bike.  So when the time came to ride our bikes to the boat, we loaded those cut pieces of Azek and our backpacks into the cart, hooked it up to James’ bike, and toddled off. I (Dena) was so thrilled with this whole procedure that I cackled the whole way there.  Glowing, grinning, gloating.  We totally fucked over the oil industry today.  That’s a good day in my book. This was only mildly complicated by the couple inches of snow on the ground.  It’s been pretty warm, so the snow[…]

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