Primary Mock-Up

This week we took all of the measurements we’ve been doing over the past month and applied them to our sheets Azek.

Each sheet started out 4 feet by 8 feet and our working space is almost exactly 6 feet long  by a little under four feet wide so we had plenty of material to work with and then some for our drawers and cabinets that we will build into the installed unit.

The new sink is much bigger than the old one (74cm wide) and has a somewhat domestic appeal, it has two very large, very deep, pans. Instead of cutting one big hole for the sink we laid the sink out on the cut-out Azek, up-side-down, and drew out the hole cuts on the Azek. Then we measured them out for exactness. We punched a small hole, just big enough for the saw blade, in the Azek and cut the holes precisely the right size to fit the sink in, you’ll see why in a second.

After that we had to practically shave out little pieces with the jig-saw here and there to get the sink to fit but it did and we put it into place.

Then we mocked the whole thing up just like it will be on the boat.

As you can see, we used the sink cut-out pieces as lid-cutting boards for the sink pans. The right side of the image will be the new settee while the left cut-out will be the new place for the stove.

We rented a car and took all the pieces that are too big to fit in the bike trailer to the boat to fit them into place.

Once we got to the boat we discovered the bilge pump had stopped working so we had to dedicate the next 48 hours to dealing with that…

…To be continued!



  1. The first thing Dena did when she saw this post was laugh and say, “You sure do love those pictures of me don’t you?”
    …And it’s true, I do. If you go back through the site you’ll see about 15 shots of Dena with almost the exact look on her face. That’s her saying, “ok, here’s a cute look for you, now, can we get back to work?!”

  2. LOL of course, how silly of you! Yeah, I can’t get enough of those, keep em comin. Much happiness for both — that she indulges you and that you’re willing to share your treats with the whole class.

  3. Aloha Folks. This project has been great to watch. The greatest part is that you don’t need to rush it. Aside from all of the other “Maintenance ” it’s been better than this old house episodes. Have fun, stay warm and as always “measure twice , cut once” Hahahahaha

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