Now let’s put it in place

… But first, let’s fix that bilge pump, lest we lose another night’s sleep! Notice my (James’) new hair cut!  Doesn’t it look great with my hands in the bilge? Lying awake in the middle of the night back at the community, I fantasized about how dreadful this job was going to be.  Covering my entire body with bilge muck, screaming and cussing, wishing that I could just…smoke a cigarette…take a shotgun and blow seven holes into the hull of that boat and just watch it sink… With the Rule SuperSwitch, there’s a hole for a fastener at the forward end.  There’s also a notch under the float for a second fastener, in a place that is designed by a truly insane human being.  You cannot get to it with any tool.  You have to set the fastener up first…remember, this is in the oily, stinky, freezing bilge…put it at the perfect depth, slide the notch around the fastener, and then tighten the whole thing down with the forward fastener. I’ve done this job before and it never takes less than 3 hours.  But this time, the old switch literally came apart in my hands.  It just disintegrated.  I set the screw at the perfect depth and slid the switch onto it the very first time. I clipped all the wires down, hooked everything up, did all the shrink wrap, and the whole job took about an hour. The most important thing about this picture: when using a very powerful hand tool, you should always look at your job. But damn, I look good. Did I mention I got a haircut? There it is.  That’s all the bilge pump you’ll ever see.  In the upper left corner of the photo above?  That’s the bilge pump switch – with both auto[…]

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