Stopped Cold

So we got hit by this huge snow storm last Friday that dropped about 3 feet on us over night and well into Saturday. Then it froze hard overnight, rained like a mother-fucker the day after that and then it was time for our weekend. On Monday night Dena did the few remaining cuts of Azek that we needed to finish the new galley cabinet while I went on a recon mission around the neighborhood to see if the ride would even be possible the next day. The snow drifts were piled up to about 6 feet on both sides of the roads but the rain had cleared most of the salted roads to be pretty safe as far as I could tell. Everyone that I talked to that had been out in the world-at-large had told me that it was the back roads in the neighborhoods that were bad and we both could only imagine what the back-woods trails would be like so we figured we’d give it try and if it didn’t work than it didn’t work and that was that. The day was bright and beautiful with not much chill in the air so the big melt was in full swing. We packed the trailer up and headed out with very little to deal with outside of the fact that the traffic was a bit intense but that was to be expected, being the first day people could actually get out without putting their lives in mortal danger in about four days. Once we made it to the trail head we knew we were in for a slow slog but what we got was stopped cold. Once it got up to the derailleurs on my bike the trailer then sunk like a rock and stopped me in[…]

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