Stopped Cold

So we got hit by this huge snow storm last Friday that dropped about 3 feet on us over night and well into Saturday.

Then it froze hard overnight, rained like a mother-fucker the day after that and then it was time for our weekend.

On Monday night Dena did the few remaining cuts of Azek that we needed to finish the new galley cabinet while I went on a recon mission around the neighborhood to see if the ride would even be possible the next day. The snow drifts were piled up to about 6 feet on both sides of the roads but the rain had cleared most of the salted roads to be pretty safe as far as I could tell. Everyone that I talked to that had been out in the world-at-large had told me that it was the back roads in the neighborhoods that were bad and we both could only imagine what the back-woods trails would be like so we figured we’d give it try and if it didn’t work than it didn’t work and that was that.

The day was bright and beautiful with not much chill in the air so the big melt was in full swing. We packed the trailer up and headed out with very little to deal with outside of the fact that the traffic was a bit intense but that was to be expected, being the first day people could actually get out without putting their lives in mortal danger in about four days.

Once we made it to the trail head we knew we were in for a slow slog but what we got was stopped cold.

Once it got up to the derailleurs on my bike the trailer then sunk like a rock and stopped me in place.

Dena could ride a little further but…

…ultimately we both just pushed on through until even that seemed totally ridiculous.

By the time I was ankle high we both just busted up laughing.

We had a couple of choices, (1) we could go the long way around which is up a 2 mile long hill, called Mt. Motherfucker, that we weren’t even sure was clear all the way through, or, (2) We could actually take the day off!





So we went back to the community, I picked my book out of the trailer, jumped in bed, and immersed myself in fiction for the rest of the day.

I (Dena) grabbed my in-progress scifi manuscript and started reading that.

Feels strange to be sitting around, but kind of nice.  I took a bath.  Tomorrow, we’ll go to the gym.

An actual day off.  Yes, it feels strange, but it’s something we deserve.

…Ooop’s I almost forgot the obligatory end of post cat-shot.

Tackle in the laundry, looking guilty!



  1. the traffic was a bit intense …are you kidding me??? You guy’s gave it your all. That in itself was a great story. However, Kyoko & I have faced similar situations . I’ve seen loggers stay home in less than she went into. i commend you on your “day off”
    Spring is near….Just not near your neiborhood, this week. Aloha & stay safe

  2. Oh, that photo of the snow jammed up in the fork of Dena’s bike!!! I know that one. I trudged many CleveLand winters without a car. That sucked. At least I had the bus, though, y’all are out on your own lonely road. Which isn’t even a road. Whoa.
    As usual, y’all are so hard core.
    Well, if no other reward returned from your incredible intrepidtude at least you got some stunning images. These are lovely, and I especially dug the flickr batch too. Rainbow streaking through the heavy laden trees? Gorgeous. Makes me almost want to go out into such a beast.
    Your day off was earned 12 times over and I hope you made the very most of it.

  3. Hey Zen,
    It’s not as ridiculous as you seem to think! We’ve been very comfortable with it all winter up to this point and the trails have actually been clearer than the roads for the most part. So, yes, really… Not quite as bad as taking off on a long off shore adventure without windvane steering, but close.

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