A Day in the Life

I turn over, dislodging the cat from my hip.  He cries and jumps down to be soothed by James.  The clink and pour of coffee rouse me further and I consider getting up.  I can lounge until 6am if I like, or I can get up earlier and have more coffee before the row into the marina.  Today I laze a bit. When I swing my legs around to dismount the v-berth, the cat chirps and vibrates at me from the companionway.  He’s still our timid skitty and has barely made it onto the side decks as of yet.  James, sitting in the cockpit, breaks off his contemplation of the S.V. Sophia Christina, late of Anacortes and salvaged after Hurricane Irene put her on a weather beach.  He smiles at me and says, “Hey, baby.” “Good morning,” I reply and stretch.  It’s warm already.  Days are getting into the mid-80’s.  I pull a couple pieces of clothing on and pour myself a cup of coffee.  I forget to thank him for making it.  He gets up at 5am, grinds and brews the coffee before I’m conscious.  Thanks, James. Being moored along the ferry route means that we get tossed regularly.  I sit cross-legged on the settee, coffee in hand, and James say, “Big wake.” My response is a minimal nod.  The boat starts rocking, settles, and rocks again, harder, the motion damping down slowly.  I imagine the double-whammy being due to the bow wave, followed by the wake from the props at the stern. Getting up at 6am gives me 15 minutes.  I’m putting on my shoe a few minutes early.  No rain, so we don’t have to allow time for bailing the dinghy.  We get aboard, one of us swinging down from the rail of the big boat to[…]

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