Big City, Little Boat

Damn it’s been cold! We’ve both been working “over-nights”, or rather Graveyard shift, for the past month or so witch means we’ve been doing our commuting to the city in the middle of the night, the coldest part of the day, and the only upside, besides the fact that we make just a little more money than if we were working days, are the sunrises. I mean, it’s not like I take my camera to my wage-slave-gig but my shoe-phone can even capture the dramatics here. …And you cant argue with the fact that Gotham City is pretty freaking intense looking in the morning. So far we’ve been using our time pretty well considering our work schedules. We’ve taken in some theater, some museums, Central Park lots of street food and some of my favorite graffiti of all time. (If you haven’t seen the documentary “Resurrect Dead”, you should, it will explain the above photo captured in the middle of the street in the Garment District…) Anyway, the big city is a blast and we’re making the best of it and staying as warm as possible. Even considering all the issues we’ve had with our propane heating system, our shore power battery charger and 1/2 of our electric blanket all going tits up at the same time, still, we’re keeping our little boat cozy and warm with plenty of daytime snuggling under tons of blankets in each others arms. I fucking love this town!

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