The 79th Street Rodeo


Today will surly live in infamy!

Monday, May 12th 2014, the day the United States of America was invaded by the French Canadians…

First they take the 79th street boat basin in Downtown Manhattan! Then?! Who knows!?


…But have no fear America, the crew of the S/V, S.N. Intrepid-Itinerant, Nomad has your first line of defense!


We’ll hold-up here until we foil their nefarious plans to take over our great country!

Your welcome.



  1. Thanks James… Don’t let them take Manhattan , fuck it let them have Roosevelt Island. They seem to be tiny enough to be happy there.

  2. ONWARD into the breech for Queen and Country!*

    I looked for webcams to spot you in the 79th Street Basin and there was nothing active. Thanks for the visual! Looks pretty swank up there. I hope the Intrepid Itinerant Cryptozoic Adventurecraft and her crew enjoy the luxury digs while you gots em.

    * “Queen” in this usage refers to an invisible shield powered by the spirit of Freddie Mercury and “Country” is a coy form of Cunt-try, a righteous battle waged for the right to sample all manner of sensual delights.

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