…And then we went sailing!

EngineengineengineengineengineArrrgh!!!! We motored hard through a thick coat of fog from Dutch Harbor, RI, to Onset, MA, and anchored in Onset (on-sit, remember, we’re in Mass, pronunciation is everything) Harbor. The trip was a loud, bone shaking ride through big following seas and absolutely no wind so showing up in a familiar place, that we really like, was a much needed quiet reprieve. The harbor in Onset is well protected but also quite open. There’s a private island between the anchorage area and the town dock, so it’s a bit of a row. This time, we anchored nearer the island than we’ve managed before – only three boats were anchored in the whole basin when we arrived – which ended up being nice, considering how many times we rowed in and back. After anchoring, we rowed into town for groceries and got pizza. (Yay, pizza!) Back on the boat, we had a quiet evening and went to bed at a decent hour, since we wanted to leave by about 8am. At 7:30am, we decided to check the oil and put a hose clamp on the valve cover breather hose, which had torn when Carl was helping us diagnose our engine trouble. It was causing a little bit of carbon monoxide to leak in the cabin, making belowdecks a bad place to be while underway. Mostly just right over the engine compartment, but still. So we took the engine compartment apart, again, and I (Dena) pulled the dipstick. Oil was nice and dark. I know, that’s not preferable to light and oily, but it is preferable to milky looking. We’re keeping an eye on that, since the mixing elbow was like-new, not new, and when the sea-water portion of the elbow corrodes, it can let water into the oil. The oil[…]

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