Back to Work

Remember way back when?  We built a new galley and we gutted the locker on the starboard side, forward of the galley. Our original plan was to put the stove in that locker.  It didn’t fit.  We decided to put our new refrigerator there. The remaining space, we’d use for trash, tools, and laundry.  We’ve been keeping trash and laundry there in entirely makeshift arrangements.  We tied the trash cans down to the loose boards across the fridge braces and looped the laundry bag’s straps around the braces to keep it in place.  It worked.  It wasn’t pretty. Two weeks ago, we had a major flood at the Whole Foods Market where I (James) work.  Everything that was in the sub-basement was very quickly evacuated and put into a dumpster.  That’s where I discovered this beautiful triple-decker pallet made out of the most exquisite ash.  It’s a wood I’ve used in the past and loved working with because it’s soft and malleable, but not as porous as pine. Why haven’t we done this project before?  We needed materials but we didn’t want to slowly collect a bunch of shit and store it on the boat until we had enough for the project.  We don’t have room for that.  When I saw this pallet, I instantly knew that there were enough pieces of really nice looking wood to frame and build everything we needed to do in that space, plus frame the new battery compartment. I took a drill to work and, on my lunch break, I disassembled the pallet and very neatly stacked the wood in a safe place in the basement. Last week, we borrowed a co-worker’s van, loaded up the wood, brought it back to the dock, piled it into the dinghy, and rowed it out to the[…]

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