1. I just read a blog post called “What It’s Really Like in Boston Right Now” by a single mom trying to schlep two kids around mainly on transit. She sounded might threadbare.
    Here’s the best quote:
    “My weather app describes next Wednesday as “Dreary.” No joke. It also says more snow today and Sunday.”

    From James’ recent account as well it sounds like transportation is the giant sore toe of the city right now. Managing to get places magnitudes more difficult, crowded and tedious.
    Saw some more pictures too.
    Oh my. It looks fucking insane up there.

    One thing I’ve learned from this blog is that a sailor’s daily comfort/safety/life is ruled by the weather. That factor is shared by other people who travel light through the world, by choice or fortune — nomadic herders, mobile home owners, homeless folks, migrant workers, truck drivers, carnies, NGO aid workers…collapsable packing is essential if you haul your shelter with you. Insulation is heavy.

    Do you have an extra layer to contend with by living in the water? Which has its own weather systems and forces of destruction, whole different measures of hostile conditions, right? In my mind it’s like a second ecosystem to negotiate.

    I marvel at your ability to appreciate and stay content. I reckon you all might be spared some of the hassel by not driving, sharp skills for limiting your outside needs and invincible attitude. But fuck YEAH I see why you’re dreaming of Florida!

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