And then we went sailing

Wessagussett is a lovely place, barring the wake created when hundreds of plastic destroyers caroom from the Fore and Town Rivers.  Fourth of July weekend was topsy-turvy on the good ship Nomad. The wildlife is well-behaved for the most part. Small fish jumping, the birds didn’t shit on us, and the mosquitoes were far enough off-shore to be too exhausted to suck by the time they’d made the crossing. Even the big bugs were more cute than creepy. The underwater life was teeming, as our encrusted bottom can attest. But a good scraping and we were still able to make good time once underway. (Spoilers!) We were almost out of building materials, so I (Dena) rode my bike to the hardware store and came back with some Azek. Anyone who has seen Jaws knows there’s a knot called a sheepshank. How many know what you might use it for? Well, it makes a mighty fine tie-down when you want the pressure to be the same on both sides. Once on the boat… I made dividers for the storage shelf behind the sink and stove – a project two years in the making. The photo above shows me using the tools at hand to create nice even curves. Translated into cut pieces, they look like: The aft rail needed bases for the forward feet, and we cast them of West System 610, using Azek for the bulk. The 610 hardens exactly as you shape it, so there was some smoothing to be done after. The Dremel works so well powered by the inverter (sun power!) that we could take our time and make them right. Then, as we brought up in the last post, we started loading that rail with stuff.  We made bases out of Azek. This is when we[…]

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