We had a pretty good run

Although internet access has been for shit, we have been out here, doing that thing, that living the dream thing! Yeah! Ok, we’re professional adventure writers now so let’s have some adventure shall we… and what would adventure be without a little madcap hi-jinx, eh? …Sailing! We talk about the work, the preparation, the joys, and of course the hours of monotony punctuated by the moments of heart-stopping intensity! Hold on a second, let’s back up… There we were, weeks of sailing along in our ship of dreams, all systems functioning as per our design. Anchorage after anchorage, gunkhole after shagged mooring… …Nothing but our imaginations revolving around our creativity and the air filling our sails and our ship guiding us through our earthbound universe. Cheesy, yes… But real. Proof. Cradle Cove, Belfast, Tom Cod Cove, Orcutt Harbor, Brooklin, Goose Cove… And the no-internet-having version of weather, a VHF Perfect-Pete Wx forecast, suggested a snug harbor for the following night, with gusts to 20 and buckets of rain predicted. We beat toward the bar between Bass Harbor Head and Great Gott Island, pushing hard into the wind, when… Crack! Remember that big toerail-rebuild project from this past fall? Well… It didn’t work out so well beating hard in a stiff and freshening breeze with a building sea at 20 degrees of heel on a 54-year-old piece of (shit) wood that had been revitalized (ok, that’s being kind) by quite a few hacks prior to us. That run-on was apropos, right? Anyway, CRACK is not what I (James) thought I would hear from that part of the boat right then. Dena was on the lee side tucking the second reef in and I didn’t even recognize the sound as coming from the fucking freshly rebuilt portside toerail! Why would I? We[…]

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