1. Aloha my friend,
    I’ve been slightly keeping up with you and Dena. Kyoko & I have been busy with our work schedules and have not had enough time to reply correctly. First is that your looking mighty svelte . Good job taking care of the boat and each other. Things will break or totally piss you off, but the great part is that with each challenge , there is victory . Victory knowing that no undertaking can stop you two. We are getting packed to go the the East Coast. First time stepping on the continent of North America in 13 years. Wow. We are headed to Norfolk for my daughters wedding. She will marry a Submariner, no surprise there. But Kyoko and I are looking forward to see some new things and take some time off. Well time to go to work and give instructions for my minions, mostly not to call me. Have a goood one and as always.
    Love and Aloha,

    1. Aloha my friend!
      We will be heading down the Eastern Seaboard at the end of October and will be stopping in to say our hello’s to our friends in Norfolk, Va. I do wish that we could get together for some alcohol drinking and some serious reminiscing while you grace us with your presence on the main land but I am afraid that you won’t be able to deal with this infernal land mass for that long…
      Whip ’em into shape there captain, that’s one of your many talents!

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