Lost and Found in the Milky Way

After almost a month in-and-out of our anchorage in Somes Harbor, we set sail for the depths of our Down East adventures. We headed southeast out of the fjord to the Island of Little Cranberry, shagged a mooring, and went in for a totally decadent seafood extravaganza at the only restaurant on the island, Islesford Dock. The food was extraordinary but the late summer crowd was the cause for the worst service either one of us could remember getting in our adult lives… Really, it was that bad! But, even that dumb-ass bartender/waiter that did everything in his power to let everyone within ear-shot know how ridiculously disgruntled he was for having to actually serve people couldn’t even spoil our event. It was a double celebration: kicking loose of a long stay and the completion of the first draft of Lysistrata Cove. We were underway again and we were unstoppable! The next morning we sailed off the mooring and into Northeast Harbor for some last minute provisioning and practically bounced off that dock and back out to open water. We took advantage of the (light but steady) NE breeze by broad reaching for most of the day through the islands and lobster fields of our downeast home. In the late afternoon as we rounded up on Swan’s Island we got a rare treat, a visit from a rather large local pod of dolphin. Large pod, not large dolphin – these are wee timorous beasties. They couldn’t spare the time to ride our bow but they were close enough to see that they were busy gorging on a big school of mackerel. Speaking of Mackerel… Mackerel Cove is a snug little anchorage inside the western point of Swan’s Island so we tacked on a beat all the way up to the[…]

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