A day at Haut

Throwing off the mooring pennant in Stonington was easy. That’s the most dangerous thing about shagging on a moron-ball, they’re too easy! You sneak in, pick up the pennant, look around to make sure nobody’s coming your way, you finish the engine and get drunk. …But what you don’t get is the knowledge that what is holding you to the Earth is ground tackle that you put together and you know will hold you in almost any weather conditions. If you shag a ball you never know what’s under you and that always gives me (James) an edginess that ultimately keeps me awake at night and makes me want to get back on the hook in some thick-ass mud or some sand. Stonington was nice but the whole time we were there I kept looking out at the harbor to make sure the boat was still there and there was nobody fucking with it. Also the whole goddamn town wakes up at 0400, gets in their lobster boats and takes off at maximum wake to go rape the local waters of ALL the lobsters! Stonington claims to have the largest lobster haul in the world, bringing in over $57 million a year of those bottom feeding sea-bugs. We love to anchor! There is nothing quite like sleeping in a sheltered cove or a snug harbor at anchor cuddled up to the person of your dreams… Believe me, we know, we do it all the time! For example, Isle au Haut. We sailed, nice and slow, down through the rubble islands of Merchant Row, where granite was wrestled out of the ground and taken to the Kennedy Memorial, the Museum of Natural History, and many more iconic buildings. Wrapping up that short trip, we anchored in tiny Duck Harbor in the[…]

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