On to Rebel

Thanksgiving eased past with a good day and a great meal. With inclement weather patterns in full swing, we pulled the hook from the muck of Baltimore’s inner harbor on a dreary day and headed south for the winter. The wind was about as “light and variable” as you can get coming out of the Patapsco so we made a short day of it and anchored at the mouth of the Magothy (Maggotty was the original name, ick!) River just as the sun dipped into the grayness of a calm starless night. The following day we sailed double reefed with a full genoa all the way to Kent Island and stuck the ground tackle in some sand just off the coast in a nice little protected hook of the island. Then the weather kicked in… Fresh winds, gray skies and choppy seas were enough inspiration to don our foulies and motor-sail (jib only) all the way to our next anchorage, Solomons, MD. We had a few things to do- Dena’s birthday, provisioning, propane etc… Dena’s BIRTHDAY!!! We went to the local Maritime Museum, had a great meal and then scammed the local Holiday Inn. We talked to the hotel marina manager after checking the listing for the place in Active Captain and the guy was a total dick. A.C. said you could get a pass-card for the showers with your $2.00 dingy dock fee and that’s the only reason we anchored that close to the Holiday Inn. Well, when we asked the marina manager for a key he just shook his head and told us no. Okay, he wasn’t a 100% dick, he did wave the $2.00 dingy dock fee, thanks bud! A couple in a Huntejunabentalina were taking off just as we were pulling in so I felt around[…]

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