North Again

Early Underway

Not back, just north.

On a cold, frosty morning, I (James) hauled the anchor with my new gloves – yay! – and, just like that, we were underway.

AM Glass

I (Dena), at the helm, grabbed the camera because it was a strange and gorgeous morning. Full moon to one side, sunrise on the other. The pic above is just before. This is just after, by James.

Fog Am

It was such a beautiful morning. Broke, unemployed, and completely motivated, we headed north up the ICW.

Wrightsville Beach has some attractions – 4G, a tourist season about to begin – okay, so it only really attracts us for the internet access.

Oh – and a beach!

Anyway, we’re anchored again (not back, just again) on the Banks Channel, with a municipal dinghy dock right next to us, a job opp upon the turning of the earth, and good hardware and grocery stores nearby.

We’re here. We’re home. We’re together. We’re happy.

The end. No. The beginning. Again.


Lone Tree



  1. Howzit ?
    I decided to finally use my tablet for something other than Showbox movies. So, in keeping up with my 2 favorite adventurists I am back in the game.I saw some weather coming to you guy’s. Stay warm and will check on you soon. Aloha

    1. Oooh Tom,
      I guess “Big-Tech”‘s got us all!
      As always it’s good to hear from you.
      It looks like the adventure is keeping us in (of all the weird fucking places) Wilmington, NC for a spell. We’ve found a community and (it appears) some work so we’re going to sit a spell.
      If you could do me a big favor and email me your phone# I’d like to send people your way as a reference for me.
      Anyway as always Aloha!

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