Agonizing Reticulation


A glorious year… April 15 2015 until this very minute, we’ve been living underway!

Awesome year, man, but now we gotta go to work.


Dena started her job on Thursday, it snowed on Saturday…


…And on Sunday we tucked a couple of reefs in and motor-beat our asses out of South River.


We broadened her down on the wind and the waves, put the engine in the off position and hooked our way around Tommy-Point and back up into Back Creek. We then dropped the hook in 10 feet of gacky mud with a 7-to-1 scope…


Shook off the chill…And went back to doing what we think is really important,


Agonizing over the perfect reticulation on the panels during the days we’re not on the boat for getting as much entertainment and cool beverages as possible for the days we are.




  1. I call it ,paying the fiddler. It sometimes helps to remember that I did get a dance in. Aloha and stay safe.

  2. I’m not quite ready to give up this jig!
    Wage slavery sucks Tom, I mean, I want to make it my bach but it’s not easy hating consumer capitalism and working to keep it and international child labor and prison slavery in business by personally endorsing their practices… Every… Fucking… Day!!!

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