A story of a raw water pump

So we up-n-decided to pull up anchor and head-on in to Dena’s Marina as soon as we both got off work! (which is working out famously, BTW) We rowed out and as soon as we got aboard Dena went forward to ready the anchor bridle while I started the engine, turned on the electronics and readied the dock lines. After getting the motor running Dena came back to the cockpit and very hurriedly asked if I could hear water coming out of the exhaust. I stuck my head over the side as Dena went aft to answer that all important question for herself… Nope, no cooling water exiting the transom! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Before shutting her down I went down below, opened up the view hatch in the engine box and very quickly saw, what I thought was, the problem. The belt wasn’t turning the raw water pump and the pulley was screaming like two metal birds fucking… …”Okay, let’s shut her down!” I pulled apart the engine box, got out the big screwdriver and the 12mm socket and went to work tightening the belt. After I got it all secured Dena started her up and I watched as that little raw water pump quite literally destroyed itself! The pulley just tore the internal bearings to dust in seconds after the engine started running again. Dena shut her down again and went to work trying to find that god damn engine part. We’re in the “sailing capital of the world” (woo-hoo) so it didn’t take her very long to find the damn thing. Of course we were going to have to kidnap and sell one of her brother’s children, or one of my brother’s children, or one of my sister’s children’s children to pay for the new pump. We made[…]

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