The Revolution is on!

So we got rid of our aging Rutland 913 wind generator last year in hopes of “finding the funding” for a not-so-antiquated system of 12 volt wind generator power and after almost an entire year of searching for the proper replacement, we finally found it! Not only did we find that motherfucker, we finagled it and ultimately installed that bitch! Yeah! (I mean the Zeke, YEAH!!! not the Bumrush YEAH!!) Today is revolution day, I mean for most mortals it’s just saturday, the dullass 25th of june or the first of july or whatever, in the hohum year of 2016… but for us, it is the 25th of June or some-shit in the year of our…(hahaha) REVOLUTION! We are making power like a motherfucker! Making Power! The joke is not lost on me (James)… I’m a human being that gives up on wage slavery whenever I can, I run away from it every chance I get and I’m, anyway, making my own mother fucking power… Stealing it from the sun (a formidable foe) but I’m making it… I am Making it, (and I think I can give us both major props here)! Yeah!!! As I’m sure you’ve guessed I’m not talking about being powerful, I’m talking about making your own god damn power… Being able to produce enough 12 volt electricity to be able to not extract one more drop of petroleum or one more granule of coal for combustion in my name ever again! That’s the goal (it is indeed very nice to have goals) but we must also live in the 21st century. “So we do what we can with the tools at hand!” I don’t know who said that, I just know it’s apropos… So, On my third day of work at the chandlery I found a[…]

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