We’re in this world

The planet Earth is a strange and wonderful place, as a matter of fact… Real fact, not just the matter concerning facts but, yes, the facts of the matter are thus, it’s the only place we (has humans) know… or think we know, anyway… It’s a cool place for us.

Local Flag

This past week we went to Kovalam, Kerala which is kind of a bum-fuck tourist village with lots of half neked euro-slobs hanging about spending lots of money and treating the locals like second-classers but we didn’t go there for that, we went there for the ride.

By The Lighthouse

Yes, we rode our bikes there, a 28km round trip through all the environs that Kerala has to offer and it was an incredible ride, in every sence of the word incredible!

We made our way along the coast and we got the most amazing greatings from almost every single person we came within a few feet from. Both of us had the sore-mouth-grins and by the time we got to Vizhinjam, the little fishing village on the south side of Kovalam, we felt like we’d said hello to a huge portion of the South Hindustani population.

On The Beach

We stayed the night at the state run tourist guest-house, ate 3 wonderful meals, got back on the bikes and rode back to Akkulam…

That’s it, just a beautiful time in a wonderful place.

Jam Fleet



  1. WOW. WOW! YES wonders. Everywhere! Wonder full and more wonder full.
    Ya know, I would never see this splendid worldlette if it wasn’t for your vicarious-adventurement eavesdrop-enabling blog. Not that views are so hard to find (though let me say these are especially charming, your eye for color and composition is such a signature) but I just wouldn’t think to look for them. Right now, this minute, there are thousands of astonishing places I am not looking.
    But that’s it — I can see a picture but I don’t have context or…what?…weight. Meaning. It’s not just the camera, it’s the lens. It’s you as guides. My planet is bigger and more real to me because you make the effort to include more than two in your experiences. Just want you to know you are truly appreciated.

  2. Thank you Kate!
    As usual your obsevations are powerfully thought provoking enough to make me want to go out and capture more of my world for you to see. My standard reply to this kind of critique is normally, “Hey, I was just standing there, I had a camera so, why not…” but you’re right I do go back to certain colors, shapes and frame placements that I find comfortable and apealing and I’m glad you’re not yet bored by the end result.
    Oh, yeah- That shot of Dena with the gang is perfectly typical for the kinds of rock-star treatment we get on a daily basis around here. People are just down-right happy to see us and it still just blows us away!

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