Poovar and Prakash

Prakash came to visit! He’s the friend who owns the apartment we’re using here in Akkulam and we had a grand time.


The day after he arrived we went for a nice, gentle, post-party trip to the resort area of Poovar. The Neyyar River joins the Arabian Sea there most of the time, though the usual sand bar had turned into a full on sand dune. The host-type guy said the sand was all washed away during monsoon but built up when the rains stopped. The government dredges it occasionally in the dry seasons.


We took a boat ride through the backwaters and down the river, back to the island resort. Our boat wasn’t as old-fashioned and charming as this one, but the driver helped us get good looks at kingfishers, egrets, and more. Light and lenses made them hard to photograph.

Jungle Boat Ride

We must have passed a boat builder somewhere along the way, because this transpo startled us on the way back to TVM.

Indian Boat Trailer

The party-hearty weekend left James and I ready to get back to work on Indoor Boh. Speaking of which…back to it!

The Floor



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  1. One of the elements of your travel I envy most is the glimpses into new sectors of the natural world. What grows here? What evolved to fit the exact conditions of this latitude and longitude? Show me your grazers and predators. Literal and social.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Neat.

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