The first draft

Many people that I’ve known through out my (James’) life have expressed a philosphy about the third person, an individual personality that is (okay) “born” from two people that love each other, respect each other, live with each other and spend their lives together. I tend to agree that something else entirely arises from the romantic joining of a couple and that something/someone becomes more developed as the years and the maturity of the relationship moves forward. I have learned to really love the person that Dena and I have made togther. As a matter of fact, we’ve given our third person a name and she just wrote a book! Her name is Rose MacNeil, Jr., and she just completed the first draft of Indoor Boh. It’s our first literary collaboration, and I fucking love the way she writes! Rose is a much better writer than I am because she seems to understand the idea of moving a story forward better than I have ever been able to. She has a grasp of what the story needs to move it along. And I (Dena) think she’s got three times the spark either one of us do alone. It’s already a bright, exciting, erudite shit-talking collection, and now we get to play with all that promising material. So yes, Rose wrote a book and it impressed it the hell out of us both. I can’t wait to see what other wonderful stories she has to share with us in the future.

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