2 Days at Mahabs

What should we do for James’s birthday? The shopping area can’t hold our attention for long. I know… More stuff to haul 12,000 km… Hmm, the lighter, the better. How about the 7th century rock carvings and cave temples up the street? How ’bout those teeth!? I (Dena) am rolling on slow waves of happiness. This is the good stuff. And I, the guy behind the camera above, am just blown away by the art of technology attitude behind the thing, it’s a cool place to go but there’s also no shortage of cool breezes from the Bay of Bengal at the tops of all the cool stuff, well, weird stuff for sure and the weirder the better so, yeah, cool! Mahabs is another place that draws Indian tourists from all over the country. What’s it all for? Corn?! This has to mean something to somebody, right? Too bad I don’t read this language. I keep imagining it all as astronomical measuring tools in grand scale. I know for a fact there’s a place like that not too far from here. I mean, look at this: There’s a place with a sun (maybe): Opposite what I think may represent a moon. Or fire and water? Or… I (Dena) know this one! Shiva lingum as the birth of the universe (below, silly!). This thing! The meaning of the huge scene is debated, but I especially love the lady on the left’s hairdo and the stretching cat under the elephant tusks. The serpent-woman is a Naga. By the way, the elephant? It’s life-sized, as are the human figures. I’m figuring this for a shallow basin to hold a Shiva lingum and then…the oil bath? Or is this a giant oil lamp? Or an astronomical measuring device? This one is definitely nautical. Yeah,[…]

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