…and just like that,

She’s blasted,
Portside Aft
She’s barrier coated,
She’s faired and painted,
…painted, painted and painted!
New bottom
…scrubbed, scraped, pollished and, yep, painted,
…strapped, hoisted,
…motored and slipped!
So let me introduce you to our brand new boat, the S/V S.N Intrepid, Itinerant-Nomad post haul-out 2017!
I gotta say this was by far my (James’) favorite of all the haul-outs to date.
We were respected by the yard as the hard-working DIY’ers that we are while both working at a pace we could comfortably keep up with, and check this out, we got all of our priority projects completed. We did the packing gland (that fucking packing gland!), the one that has been trying to sink our boat for at least five years now and Dena didn’t even need me to do anything but hand her tools on that 5 minute project! We pulled and replaced the cockpit drain seacocks, clamps, and hoses a project that was 55 years in the making and we replaced about 20 years of bottom paint with a non-toxic eco-friendly alternative to traditional anti-fouling chemistry, we did that! But, we also finally got to do the topsides repaires that we’ve needed to get done since we first made landfall in the MRE and that was the project that really put the cherry on the top!

So, cheers to us for a job well done, once again!!!



  1. Bye the way, if not for your mate… your credit would be in the tank. You owe everything to her for keeping your ass afloat. Mahalo. Thank you Dena. Your a great person. Aloha.

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