We’re getting close and it’s freaking us out!

The Go/No-Go list has been checked and re-checked and all systems report as GO!

New Starter, Go!

New Duel Primary 8D AGM, off the grid, electrical storage system, Go!

Hard Dodger Rebuild, Go!

New 100 watt fixed monocrystalline solar panels (2@50 watts each) installed on the rebuilt hard dodger, Go!

Haul out, Go… Packing gland, Go… Exhaust system, Go…New bottom, Go… Topsides, Go… Boom rebuild, Go… New Mainsail, Go… Heater, GO… Electronics updates, Go!!!

Hold on there a second.

The Boom was an incredible project!

We sighed and tisked and shook our heads about jumping into a big wood working project this late in the season… Ect… Actually, we almost bought an aluminum boom to replace the 56 year old Sitka Spruce work of art that was profoundly hidden under a dying pile of varnish of indeterminate age and variety.

…But, when we got the new boom back to the boat we quickly discovered why the aluminum boom was consigned at Bacon’s in the first place; it was completely warn down on the boom-ends!

A tragedy at sea waiting to happen!

So, we heat gunned…


We repaired, we epoxied,


We sanded…


We sanded, and sanded and sanded…


and then we started piling on coats of epoxy and varnish, three coats of each…

…And in the processes we re-discovered why we love working on wood.

Looking aft, port side.

…It’s the results!

…After we put it back on the boat and installed the hardware for the new mainsail,

3 Reefs and a pair of fairleads

The old boom looked like she’d just come off the showroom floor.



I mean besides the fact that woodworking really is the only work worth doing!?

Well, the new mainsail is a work of art that was very specifically built for the size and shape of this particular boat. The last main wasn’t as artfully constructed so we kind of owed it to ourselves and the brilliant designer of the new sail,  Gary J. Chwazik of Bacon Sails, to rebuild the boom to perfectly fit the sail as well.


It worked, it’s perfect.

GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!

…Then we got to build a foot locker,


…behind our new (ly) installed old propane heater.


Now we have heat, again, yeah!

S/V S.N. Intrepid, Itinerant-Nomad stands ready, vibrating with the resonating tones of our labors of love!

Go! Go!! GO!!!



  1. Ugh…
    I didn’t even mention the cockpit re-build and finish!
    We worked on that project, pretty much, the whole freaking summer and it looks great and the new non-skid (We’re trying out a new brand) works perfectly.
    Longevity is the bottom line for letting us know if we did it all right.

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